Return Policy

Ironsighter is proud to deliver clean, quality and effective products to gun owners everywhere, and stands behind each innovative construction. From rifles to muzzleloaders, pistols, shotguns, M-16s and many more, Ironsighter provides a full array of scopes and mounts to choose. If your gun scope, mount or other accessory does not suit your weapon, your grip, or does not meet your expectations, Ironsighter can help you find the right product in the extensive collections. Or, if you would prefer to refund your purchase, you may return your item and Ironsighter will refund your money.

To complete your return, your item must be in its original condition with no screws set in place. Ironsighter cannot accept parts that have been mounted, used or put in place for your weapon, and all parts are non-refundable once the screws have been put in. Ironsighter will refund the price of your equipment, however shipping and freight charges are included in the delivery of your product and are non-refundable upon return.

If you have questions about your any Ironsighter product, order inquiries, assembly questions or questions about returns, contact Ironsighter via phone or email.