M-16 & AR-15

M16 Scope Mounts & AR-15 Scope Mounts With Rings

For over 4 decades, Ironsighter Co. has provided our valued customers with the right mounts for their firearms, including for those in search of M16 scope mounts and AR-15 scope mounts with rings. All of our mounts are made in the United States, so when you purchase from Ironsighter, you can trust that you’re getting high quality, durable products that are meticulously made and are built to last.

Often, people are confused as to whether M16s and AR-15s are one in the same. Although they both have a 30 round magazine capacity and are similar, they also have many differences. AR-15s tend to be greater in weight, and don’t have as far a range as M16s. AR-15s were created first, with the first M16 introduced about ten years later. Despite the differences, they are quite similar, and one thing they certainly have in common is a need for reliable scope mounts.

Few things are more important to your firearm setup than your scope mount. If you don’t have a reliable one in place, it will be the weak link of your firearm, and without quality rings, it will be hard to have the shooting success you desire.

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